Don't water down Dahlonega's strong tourism appeal

  • Don't water down Dahlonega's appeal
    Don't water down Dahlonega's appeal

I’m going to Orange County!

That’s not something people say when they win the Super Bowl.

But they could, because Disney World sits smack dab in the middle of Orange County, Florida.

Likewise, if folks head for Atlanta for a quick vacation they don’t often say they’re going to spend the weekend in Fulton County.

And so it goes with Dahlonega.

The city of gold.

The weekend destination for many.

They come up 400 and head for “Dahlonega.”

And that’s a good thing.

But last month chamber representative Sam McDuffie faced scrutiny at a county meeting for not making the rebranding effort “Lumpkin County” enough.

We’d like to stick up for that campaign.

Because when it comes to marketing our community, the actual name of “Lumpkin” isn’t what really matters.

The waterfalls. The wineries. The wonderful hiking trails.

Yes they are technically in Lumpkin County.

And it makes sense that county officials would be protective of the funds that market those sites and attractions.

That’s just good money management.

But Dahlonega is the name people know.

In PR speak, it’s a strong brand.

So go with it.

Like commissioner David Miller said, if it’s a campaign that works, it will benefit both Lumpkin County and Dahlonega.

Increased tourism means a boost to SPLOST for everyone.

It means more Hotel/Motel tax across the board.

It means better local business for all.

And that’s what’s important.

The city and county are on the same side.

So let’s not water down the marketing potential.

Let the local professionals at the chamber create the best campaign for everybody.

Because people will always be excited to visit Lumpkin County, even if they’re “going to Dahlonega.”