Library construction is quickly progressing

  • The new Lumpkin County library is quickly emerging on the Morrison Moore Parkway skyline. (Photo by Matt Aiken))
    The new Lumpkin County library is quickly emerging on the Morrison Moore Parkway skyline. (Photo by Matt Aiken))

Lumpkin County’s new library is “on time, under budget and is going to be beautiful,” says Leslie Clark, Chestateee Regional Library System Director.
Clark, along with project manager Greg Trammell appeared before the Board of Commissioners last week to give a report on construction of the $4.7 million project.
When the bid was awarded, Trammell told the board, the cost of several items were unknown and a combination contingency/allowance fund was included in the contract. Some of those unknowns are now known, and along with savings realized from other items on the construction list the project is nearly $230,000 under budget.
“If the project ended today we would be just over $228,000 to the good,” Trammell said.
Nearly $50,000 was saved between two items—a special paint coating on insulation and ornamental fencing for the retaining wall. It was discovered the insulation coating was not required by Code and the fencing bid came in lower than originally quoted.
Another close to $5,000 savings came from opting not to have pocket doors for room patricians. The accordion dividers are used to make one large room into two, like the ones at Parks & Rec. The proposed doors would close when the accordion partitions are in the wall.
“Greg and I talked about it and it can be a maintenance issue with the doors,” said County Manager Stan Kelley.
“In my opinion,” Trammell said, “if you don’t like it you can do your own [doors]. The whole objective is not to spend that allowance money.”
Exterior in-ground lighting ended up costing more than projected by nearly $5,000, The number of lights needed turned out to be more than estimated, Trammell said.
The board agreed the extra money was worth spending.
“It’s a nice new building. We should highlight it,” said Commissioner David Miller.
Items still to come out of the contingency/allowance fund include furniture, signage and window treatments. The furniture includes shelving for books.
So far, Trammell said, “the project is on time and under budget. It’s not ahead of schedule, but it is on time. I’ve been very pleased. Charles Black Construction has done a great job and it’s a quality product.”
“I’m super excited,” Clark said. “Greg is very good at his job and very pleasant to work with.”
Trammell performs the same task for the school board—along with the other duties of his position as Director of Operations.
“I appreciate the Board of Education and the Board of Commissioners letting me be a part of this. It’s something that will serve the children and community for years to come,” he said.
The project is set to be finished sometime in January. Clark said she is hoping to make the move from the present location to the new library hopefully in February, if all goes according to plan.
“The goal is to be closed as short a time as possible and be able to provide the same type of services to the community while moving. There are a lot of moving parts, but the end result is going to be fabulous.”