Join the club on the community page

  • Join the club on the community page
    Join the club on the community page

What do square dancers, bee keepers, bikers, PFLAG members and the Sons of Confederate Veterans all have in common?
If you said “not that much” you wouldn’t be too far off.
Except, that is, when it comes to page 14A and 15A.
Because it’s there, on these pages, that the many divergent groups and clubs of Dahlonega all come together.
And yet sometimes this section is easily overlooked.
It doesn’t have the flashy headlines of the front page features or the can’t-look-away appeal of the crime page. But we like to think these two pages are a vital part of The Dahlonega Nugget role as a newspaper.
Because when you get down to it, we’re a meeting place for the community.
And on Page 14 and 15 it’ s never so literal, as we list actual meeting places, times, dates and details for everything from Singles Over Sixty to the Etowah River Critters Club.
So what do you have to do to get in the calendar?
Send an email to community calendar editor Jake Cantrell at
That’s it.
No fees.
No log-ins.
No subscription required. (Though we do encourage that last one,)
We just need the times and dates and details of your event or organization and then we’ll add it to the list.
And it’s an ever expanding list that includes everything from the Happy Bookers to The Heaven’s Horsemen to the Citizens Climate Lobby to the North Georgia Amateur Radio Club to the Mountain Laurel Lady Riders to…well we could go on for pages like this.
But then, we already have.