Fresh 'n Low closing approaches

  • Fresh 'n Low closing approaches
    Fresh 'n Low closing approaches

The days are numbered for Dahlonega’s Fresh n' Low.
Many shelves—and even more parking spots are now empty at the downtown grocery. And most of the inventory is 30 percent off, according to a sign on the door. But those in the know aren’t saying exactly when the store will put the locks on the doors.
“I can’t comment on anything, except the store will be closing at the end of February,” said Mike Bussie, one of Fresh n' Low’s assistant managers.
Even the grocery’s 23 employees don’t know anything beyond “the end of the month,” one worker told The Nugget.
While employees have little to say, and the corporate offices of owner Cooke’s Food Store and Panera Bread have not returned the paper’s several phone calls, customers have plenty to say.
“I don’t feel good about it [closing],” said Troy Webb. “This is where I usually shop."
Webb rides his bicycle to the store. And Fresh n' Low is more convenient than Walmart, he said.
“But I guess that’s where I’ll go,” he added. “It’s the only thing left once this place closes.”
Michael Timmins faces the same predicament.
He depends on his legs rather than a car to get him where he needs to go.
“I’m used to coming here five or six days a week,” he said. “It’s a loss to the community.”
Paul Thomas is sad to see the store close its doors as well. He stops in at Fresh n' Low about three times a month to pick up items Walmart doesn’t carry and check out the deals.
“I don’t like it,” he said.  “Neither [store] carries all the stuff I need.”
The location, in the Greenbriar Shopping Plaza, has seen several groceries over the years.
Barbara Summerour has been shopping there since Kinnermer’s Grocery closed over 25 years ago.
“I wish they wouldn’t close,” she said. “I shop here all the time.”
Meanwhile, the future of the sizable East Main Street storefront remains murky.
The Nugget checked with Executive Director of the Lumpkin County Development Authority Rebecca Mincey who said she has not heard of any definite plans for the property.
Multiple calls to landowner Roberta Green-Garrett also went unanswered.