Yahoola Creek Park remains closed for now

  • Yahoola Creek Park to remain closed
    Yahoola Creek Park to remain closed

Members of the Lumpkin County Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday evening to re-open Yahoola Creek Park, but have since put those actions on hold due to continued coronavirus concerns.
“After we met we heard more news and statistics, and we want to be sure we are making the right decision,” said Board Chairman Chris Dockery Wednesday morning. “So we have delayed the opening and will look at this again at next week’s update.”
If the park does open, Dockery said, “it will be a limited opening. It will be for locals only. The playgrounds, rest rooms and pavilions will be roped off.”
Dockery emphasized that county will follow CDC guidelines by maintaining “social distancing and no groups of more than 10.”
The park would also only be open during the week and early on Saturday morning.
The Reservoir Trail would remain closed to the public.