Tag office reopens May 7 for title transfers

  • Tag office reopens May 7 for title transfers
    Tag office reopens May 7 for title transfers

The Lumpkin County Tax Commissioner’s office will reopen Monday, May 7. However, it will not be business as usual.
The only business that will be transacted, Commissioner Rachel Pruitt said, is title transfers.
“That’s the only thing we can’t do online. It’s so complex, and you have to have signatures and see documents,” she said.
If someone purchases a new car the title transfer is taken care of by the dealership. But with person-to-person sales, the transfer must be done at the tag office.
The office has been closed since one week before the official closing of the administration building, and no title transfers have been done since then.
“We have six or seven weeks of individual-to-individual sales backlogged,” Pruitt said. “And I have no idea how many there are. We get calls about it every day.  We didn’t feel like we could hold off any longer.”
One reason is that the Department of Revenue has waived penalties for all motor vehicle transactions—tag renewals, title transfers, etc.—for those whose birthdays fall between March 16 to May 15.
In addition to only being open for title transfers only, other precautions will be observed. People must enter through the handicapped entrance on the north side of the building (across from the the old library).
People should be prepared to stand in line. Only 10 at a time will be allowed in the administration’s lobby and must remain six-feet from each other.
Only three or four at a time will be allowed in the tag office lobby.
“Out of an abundance to caution, please leave your children and other family members at home,” Pruitt said.
Pruitt also encouraged people to continue to conduct other business online, or to use the drop box at the ADA entrance for payments or correspondence.