Repairs underway after Nugget servers shut down

  • Repairs underway after Nugget servers shut down
    Repairs underway after Nugget servers shut down

If a global pandemic and ongoing 2020 headaches weren’t enough, The Dahlonega Nugget’s internet system failed in the early hours of last Friday morning, Nov. 6.
The Nugget relies on its parent company Community Newspapers Inc.’s (CNI) servers located in Athens.
“As soon as we learned our servers failed due to a breach,” said CNI President Dink NeSmith, “we launched an immediate investigation. A team of experts is working feverishly to have new servers operational.”
CNI’s two dozen newspapers in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina rely heavily on the server to transmit emails and other information over the internet.
Publisher Matt Aiken said he’s sorry for the inconvenience and still wants to hear from anyone who tried to contact the newspaper last week and didn’t hear back.
“If you sent an email to a Nugget address last week and received no reply please know that we’re not ignoring you,” said Aiken. “We’re working fast to get our emails back up and running.”
It was estimated that most, if not all, Nugget addresses would be restored by the time this issue hits newsstands. However, just in case, we ask that you CC any emails sent to Nugget addresses to the back up email at
If you need to reach Aiken personally you can also send an email to his own address at
If you sent an email last week and the issue is still pertinent, please resend. This could include emails pertaining to news, advertising, calendar items, legals, classifieds, obituaries, sports, subscription inquiries, letters to the editor and more.
As soon as more information is learned, The Nugget will provide an update in print and on our website. These technology issues will not affect the publication of the paper.