OUR VIEW: We’ll get through this together

  • OUR VIEW: We’ll get through this together
    OUR VIEW: We’ll get through this together

Last week The Dahlonega Nugget turned 130.
There was no time for a party.
No streamers or balloons or birthday cake.
Just the usual deadline scramble. Only this week the headlines were more alarming  than usual.
And, of course, we should be alarmed.
But we shouldn’t be scared.
The Nugget has been here since 1890.
We’ve been through a lot.
The 1918 Flu.
Two World Wars.
A Great Depression.
We made it through all of that.
And we’ll make it through this.
And not just The Nugget.
Our home.
The people who make this community so special.
We will survive.
Now our job is to make sure we protect those who are at higher risk of not surviving.
And that means we must sacrifice.
Americans have been asked to fight before.
But this is different.
Now we fight an unseen enemy. And instead of enlisting and heading to the front lines, like so many Lumpkin County residents have in the past, we are being asked to retreat.
Retreat to our homes.
Stay put.
Fight the urge to socialize and spread the disease.
To some this might seem unnecessary right now. But then that’s the point.
We need to act now before it becomes obvious that there is a problem.
Before the hospital on the hill becomes overwhelmed.
Then it will be too late.
So we’re not sure what news we will cover over the next few days and weeks and months.
But we do know this.
We’re going to get through this.
And we will get through this together.
Just like always.
And when that day comes, we’ll really have something to celebrate.