OUR VIEW: Fighting the coronavirus requires the facts

  • Fighting the coronavirus requires the facts
    Fighting the coronavirus requires the facts

This editorial was supposed to be about something completely different.
Mostly likely Open Records Requests.
Then, last week, everything changed.
It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment. For some it was when the schools called to announce their closings.
For others it was when their church decided to shift to online services.
For others it happened when they arrived in the empty toilet paper aisle.
But whatever it was, last week, the coronavirus pandemic hit home.
And it hit home in a big way.
There’s a lot of uncertainty right now. And as you read this news on Wednesday who knows what Thursday’s news will hold.
But we do know this.
We will be there to deliver that news to you.
There is a lot of information out there. And also a lot of disinformation out there.
So in hopes of cutting down on the rumors and false reports The Nugget will be posting all coronavirus-related stories online for free to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.
This isn’t about the bottom line.
It’s about keeping Dahlonega informed and up to date.
And most importantly, it’s about keeping our community safe.
Since the news is often moving faster than our print publication we will be making regular Facebook and web updates throughout the week.
Make sure you follow us.
Because, yes, there’s a lot of uncertainty out there.
But of some things we feel certain.
This outbreak will end.
Dahlonega, and our nation, will overcome this.
And, along the way, The Nugget will be there to cover it for you.