COVID-19 case count continues to climb

  • COVID-19 case count continues to climb
    COVID-19 case count continues to climb

The count of local coronavirus cases continued a slow but steady climb last week as the Georgia Department of Public Health reported a total of 109 cases in Lumpkin County.
The number, which was the last available as of this posting, was an increase of four cases from the 103 reported this time last week. The rate has increased by four cases for two weeks in a row.
Patients from Lumpkin requiring hospitalization for coronavirus increased by only two from 21 to 24.
One coronavirus-related death has been reported in Lumpkin County.
The Lumpkin County Health Department is now offering free testing to everyone, with or without symptoms, every Wednesday.
”The first clinic was held this past Wednesday, June 10,” said Dave Palmer of the Georgia Department of Public Healt. “A total of 146 people were tested.”
Urgent Care Dahlonega is also evaluating and testing those with or without symptoms during office hours—8 a.m.-8 p.m., without an appointment. Reserve a spot online, and view wait times, at Patients are asked to remain in their vehicles. The individual’s health insurance will be billed. The test itself is provided at no cost for those without insurance, but patients will have to pay for the office visit. Cost depends on the level of evaluation needed.
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