Historical Society celebrates annual Madeleine K. Anthony Awards


Tim and Tracey Ragland received the 2018 Madeleine K. Anthony award.

  • Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the those pictured.
    Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the those pictured.

At their April meeting each year, the Lumpkin County Historical Society presents the Madeleine K. Anthony award to recognize the person or organization contributing the most during the previous calendar year to preserve the history and heritage of Lumpkin County. Tim and Tracey Ragland received the 2018 Madeleine K. Anthony award. They identified grave sites in Lumpkin County during 2018, the Centennial of World War One, of 120 soldiers who served in WWI. They raised funds to purchase 120 WWI service markers and placed them on those graves. The award was presented by Daryll Woodall, the 2017 MKA award recipient.

Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the following.

City of Dahlonega, Public Works Department for the acquisition and installation of an 1880s style Baker Monitor hand pump display on the location of a similar one that served Dahlonega for 150 years. Individuals recognized for their contribution to the project were City Manager Bill Schmid, Director Mark Buchanan, DDA Director Jan Harris, Troy Armstrong, Biker Mike Crann, Don Wilson, Ron Simmons, Joseph Sabater, Jody Bryan, Nathan Bagwell, Brett Tanner, Vince Hunsinger, Dale Westmoreland, Chris York, Dauber Taylor, Jackie Grizzle, Garrett Harris, The Monitor division of Baker Manufacturing Company for donating the pump, and Helen Hardman for donating the vintage stone trough.

The Dahlonega Nugget, for exceptionally good coverage of Lumpkin County’s historical events during 2018.

Phil Hudgins for his part in writing and publishing “Travels with Foxfire,” preserving the culture of Southern Appalachia, including Lumpkin County. 

The Community Helping Place. Robert Agan accepted the award for their ongoing fund-raising project of creating lovely Christmas ornaments in the likeness of Dahlonega’s historically significant buildings.

The Dahlonega Gold Museum, Sam Duffie, Director, for the excellent renovations made to the museum during 2018 commemorating America’s first major gold rush and the mining history of Lumpkin County.

Craig Darlak for displaying and demonstrating many antique mechanical music players for a Historical Society program.

Dr. Hugh B. Matternes for his presentation to the Blue Ridge Archaeology Guild of his research on Box Tombs that are unique to this area.

Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt, and Dianne Bean Barfield for their excellent genealogy presentations at the Lumpkin County Library.

Daughters of the American Revolution, Trahlyta Chapter, Anne Converse, Regent, researchers Glenda Crumbly and Suzanne Daniel, and author Susan Moore Teller, for donating Peck family history books to the Lumpkin County Library’s genealogy research collection.

University of North Georgia Appalachian Studies Center director and students for their participation in the Mt. Hope Cemetery preservation project: Rosann Kent, Director, Keneddi Horn, Kennedy Rogers, Brooke Crews, Oscar King, Katie Wheeler, Cathy McLendon, Connor Carlson, Steve Bordonaro. 

Chris Worick for his many activities in the interest of preserving history during 2018: For grave preservation work, research and subsequent Nugget article on the Gathright grave’s history; leadership in the Mt. Hope Cemetery clean-up and preservation education work with community volunteers and UNG Appalachian Studies students; presenting a program at the LC Library about some of his favorite online genealogy websites; programs for the Society: “One Hundred Years Ago - The Deadliest Months;” “A Railroad of the Utmost Importance;” “Guests of the County, a brief history of the Old 1884 Jail” at the old jail; finding and inviting Donald Summerlin for a program on microfilm preservation; finding and inviting Craig Darlak to present a program and demonstrate antique mechanical music players; serving as President of the Historical Society; all while doing his own research and providing research assistance to others.