BREAKING NEWS: Clyde, Wade and Pandy big winners in run-off

  • Nominations for the November election were decided on Tuesday.
    Nominations for the November election were decided on Tuesday.

The Republican and Democratic contenders for the Georgia House of Representatives District 9 seat and U.S. House District 9 seat in this year’s upcoming November election became a whole clearer after Tuesday’s Runoff Elections.

According to results from the Georgia Secretary of State’s website after 100 percent of the district’s counties had been reported, Republicans Will Wade and Andrew Clyde won the night as the party’s candidates for District 9’s House of Representatives and U.S. House seats, respectively.

On the Democratic side, Devin Pandy will be the candidate for District 9’s U.S. House seat after he handily defeated Brooke Siskin in Tuesday’s runoff.

Georgia House of Representatives District 9:

In the Republican runoff between Will Wade and Steven Leibel, Wade walked away with a decisive win among Lumpkin County voters.

Wade picked up 2,432 votes, 64.08 percent, to Leibel’s 1,363 votes, 32.95 percent, out of the 3,795 ballots cast in the county.

Absentee mail-in ballots and advanced voting numbers had Wade leading by a large margin going into Tuesday’s runoff between the two Republican candidates.

Wade outdid Leibel in absentee mail-in votes 823 to 468 and received 744 advanced votes to Leibel’s 360.

The Lumpkin County results mirrored what happened throughout the district.

Wade far outpaced Leibel in early voting by District 9 voters, receiving 1,523 absentee mail-in votes to Leibel’s 705 and 1,616 advanced votes to Leibel’s 667.

With 100 percent of District 9 counties reporting, Wade defeated Leibel 66.73 percent to 33.27 percent. Wade received 4,959 of the 7,431 ballots cast in the district to earn an east victory over Leibel and to become the Republican candidate in the upcoming November election for the Georgia House of Representatives District 9 seat.

Wade will square off with Democratic candidate Sharon Ravert, who won the Democratic nomination during the Primary Election, to find out who will be District 9’s new House Representative in November.

U.S. House District 9:

In the GOP runoff, Matt Gurtler may have won the day in Lumpkin County in the Republican runoff versus Andrew Clyde, but he was unable to clinch the nomination. Gurtler secured 1,954 of the 3,751 ballots cast in the county, edging out Clyde 52.09 percent to 47.91 percent.

Gurtler held a slight edge going into Tuesday’s runoff among Lumpkin County voters, garnering 671 absentee mail-in votes and 571 advanced votes to Clyde’s 595 absentee mail-in votes and 511 advanced votes.

Gurtler added another 712 votes on Tuesday while Clyde earned 691.

However, despite being the top pick in Lumpkin County, Gurtler wasn’t able to earn enough votes from District 9 voters to defeat Clyde in the runoff.

Where Gurtler had enjoyed an advantage in Lumpkin County’s early voting, he found himself behind in absentee mail-in and advanced voting for the district before Tuesday.

Clyde edged out Gurtler 12,002 to 10,808 in District 9’s absentee mail-in voting and also held a slight 11,385 to 9,203 advantage in the district’s advanced voting.

By the time 95 percent of the counties within District 9 had reported their final vote tallies, Clyde defeated Gurtler in the tightest race in the district of the evening.

Clyde pulled in 56.28 percent of the district’s votes for the seat with 48,581 total votes while Gurtler received 43.72 percent of the total votes with 37,741.

In the Democratic Party runoff, Devin Pandy won by a landslide in Lumpkin County against his opponent Brooke Siskin.

Pandy received 374 votes out of the 520 Democratic ballots cast in the county, taking 71.92 percent of the vote. Siskin picked up 146 votes (28.08 percent).

Pandy held a substantial lead going into Tuesday’s runoff race with 286 absentee mail-in votes and 43 advance votes and garnered 45 of the 65 Election Day votes to outdo Siskin among the county’s Democratic voters.

Overall among District 9 voters, Pandy had also secured an early lead on Siskin with 2,423 absentee mail-in votes to Siskin’s 1,073 and 446 advanced votes to Siskin’s 324.

With 95 percent of District 9 counties reporting, Pandy came out as a decisive winner. The Democrat garnered 7,661 of the district’s votes (68.38 percent) to Siskin’s 3,543 votes (31.62 percent).

Clyde and Pandy will now face off in the November election to see who will be the next U.S. House Representative for District 9.