ATV park debated by County as race looms


Future ATV event causes noise concern

  • ATV park debated by county as race looms
    ATV park debated by county as race looms

With an ATV event scheduled for May 4-5 at Iron Mountain Park, neighbors of the 4,300 acre site that was purchased last year by Craig Stansberry will “have the opportunity to hear how loud it will be” before a Special Land Use Approval (SLUA) Public Hearing Tuesday, May 7 said Planning Director Bruce Georgia. 

“They meet all our current regulations, so they have a temporary business license,” he said.

Iron Mountain Park is located in the Mill Creek area between highways 52 West and 138 in Dawson County. The property’s website bills itself as an ATV park and campground. 

And next weekend it will play host to the Southern Roots Race Tour which will include a concert featuring Kurt Thomas and Radford Windham.

In April 2018 Stansberry appeared before the Lumpkin County Board of Commissioners at a well-attended meeting to share his plans for the property. He told the board and people at that time that an ATV and motocross area were in the plans, along with a music venue that would hold 50,000 to 400,000 visitors. He also mentioned a campground, water features, retail area, microbrewery, equestrian center, zip lines and a hotel/convention center.

But it’s the ATV, motocross and concert venue that has the planning department and commissioners concerned enough to require an SLUA application—the first step of which is a public hearing.



There are already buffer and setback requirements in the Land Use Code, as well as parking regulations. However, these may not be sufficient for the proposed uses. 

The Land Use Code states that “certain land uses, either because of unique characteristics or the potential for adverse impact, require a special land use approval.” 

An outdoor concert venue could produce adverse impacts for neighbors, such as noise and traffic. An ATV/motocross track could bring about noise and dust. Hours of operation are also considered to cause problems and possible inconvenience for neighbors. 

Commissioner David Miller said he is as concerned about the concerts as the ATV/motocross trails.

“If he brought in a Willie Nelson the concert would let out at midnight and traffic wouldn’t clear until 2 a.m.,” he said. “Not to mention the noise.”



Bruce Georgia used GPS to determine there are 363 residences within one mile of all the proposed uses. There are 51 homes within 1,000 feet, the currently required buffer.

Commissioner Bobby Mayfield, who represents the constituents within the park’s general area, compared what will be going on at the park to Gold Rush—a temporary inconvenience, not something that happens every day and a large economic boon to the community. 

“We don’t want to inhibit economic growth, but there are people there to consider, and both have property rights,” he said. “If the SLUA opens this up for public comment and gives some opportunities for mitigation, I think that’s a good thing.”

The public hearing will follow the 4 p.m. Tuesday, May 7 Work Session. 

The meeting takes place in the second floor board room at the Administration Building. Attendees are asked to enter and exit through the rear door.