• Jackie Lee

Trash I picked up on the roadsides has me worried about some folks

First I want to introduce myself.  

I am the person who has been bent over on Camp Wahsega Road for the last two weeks wearing the lime green safety vest, blue rubber gloves and work boots.  

This adventure started out small but has become a determined mission.  

I stated out only to pick up the trash between my driveway and my son’s.  

But the next time I drove to town to get in the line to pick up my grandchildren, the mission hit me.  I will clean up Camp Wahsega all the way to highway 60.  

Thankfully, I have had some help in this adventure, my nephew, Hammon Adams, Linda and Doyle Butler and a wonderful lady who I don’t know who drives a red pickup started on the beginning of Camp Wahsega Road.

Thank you all for your help.

I have learned a lot on this mission.  We have some very talented drivers on our road.  Camp Wahsega drivers are great at multitasking.  

They eat, drink nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages, drink lots of water and use the bottles for their spit cups, they also smoke a lot too.  

They can change dirty diapers, check out their purchases from Walmart and Dollar General and throw the bags out so they can hang in the brush like flags.  

The one I can’t figure out is how they change the oil as they are driving, by the number of oil bottles I have picked up.  

Maybe all the 5-Hour Energy drink bottles I have picked up gave them super human powers.  

If you see some people walking around wearing only one shoe, I found the mates.   

Also, if you are at a picnic and your hostess cannot locate the plastic table cloth, I know where it is too.  

And I can’t forget about the losing lottery tickets, guess they were mad they didn’t win.  

One find on our road has me worried about the person who is driving; I have picked up well over fifty 12oz glass empty bottles of Johnny Bootlegger.  I am only talking a little over a mile and half of road!

It is time for us to get serious about the trash on our roads.  

Please ask your family, teenagers, friends and neighbors help us stop this.  

None of us should have to clean up after someone else.  

But if everyone would just pick up around their driveways it would sure help all of Lumpkin County.

Besides I can’t go around wearing my lime green safety vest all the time.  

And I sure wish those bags hanging in the brush by the high school and those two red solo cups on Hamp Mill weren’t calling my name!

I want to thank St. Elizabeth Episcopal Church, All and Ann Wimpy, and Ronnie Fortner.  This group has been making it their mission to try to keep Hamp Mill clean of trash. 

Please join me in this mission.  

Be safe picking up trash and together we can make our county shine again!

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