• Key players (top to bottom) owner Tommy Lee, owner Deb Rowe, owner Machie Lee, manager Beth Hickman, manager Kevin Mealor, and manager Terrie Poiles at Shenanigans after being named the best Irish Pub in Georgia.  Photo by: Aisha Cleapor

Shenanigans chosen best Irish Pub in state

“It was totally unsolicited,” Rowe said, “They did it totally through Yelp reviews.”

Dahlonega’s popular pub Shenanigans was recently chosen by Buzzfeed as the best Irish Pub in the state of Georgia. 

Co-owners of the business, Tommy and Machi Lee and Deb Rowe were unaware of the coming accolade. 

“It was totally unsolicited,” Rowe said, “They did it totally through Yelp reviews.”

It was a welcome surprise.

Words used by the trio to describe their feelings regarding the award were “pleasantly surprised” and “proud,” Rowe said, “Any time Dahlonega is recognized on a scale like that is outstanding.” 

Regarding the success of the business, they owe it all to the community of Dahlonega.

Machi described it best. For the locals “it’s their pub. They take ownership of it.” 

With that ownership comes a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that the pub is known for. 

Tommy described eating at Shenanigans as “sitting on your deck, but with servers.” 

Employee Brandon Owen also feels the people and the atmosphere is the key to Shenanigans’ success; he said, “I really like the people because they make the pub atmosphere.”

Shenanigans is not only a hub for community togetherness, it is also a host of many service projects, including the famous Shucking For Shamrocks. The fundraiser lasts for three days every Labor Day weekend and raises money for Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis and Cystic Fibrosis. The pub has hosted the event since 2009, and their funds raised have increased from $6,000 to $25,000 in only seven years. “I can’t say enough for the community because that’s 75 percent locals,” says Deb Rowe. 

Of course, one thing has changed for the pub since the release of Buzzfeed’s article. “Our staff answers the phone, “Thank you for calling the Best Irish Pub in Georgia,” said Rowe with a laugh.

To read the full article online, visit http://www.buzzfeed.com/anniedaly/kiss-me-im-drunk#.jdMNYXvDo

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