Help wanted: 42 apply for Superintendent

“The responses have horse power and good numbers. It’s one of the strongest we’ve seen,” said Dr. Sandy Addis

Lumpkin County Board of Education members put in some serious overtime Saturday as they spent about three hours going through the “first tier” of 42 applicants’ resumes in a search for the new superintendent of education.

“We looked at all the local applicants and the ones the search firm categorized as being in the first tier,” said Board Chair Bobby Self. “Otherwise we’d have been there three days.”

“The responses have horse power and good numbers. It’s one of the strongest we’ve seen,” said Dr. Sandy Addis with the search firm of King-Cooper & Associates, the firm assisting with the search. “Typically we consider 30 applications a good solid number. And those people who applied are recognized for success both by their boards and others.”

Addis attributes the high number and quality of applicants to the community’s atmosphere, climate, the Board and the fact the system has been very successful.

The long tenure of both current superintendent Dewey Moye and past superintendent David Luke speak well for the Board, Addis said.

“People look at things like that,” he said.



Candidates who made the first tier were those who meet the qualifications, as well as those who possess the qualities identified by employee and community surveys and who fit the superintendent profile developed by the Board during the planning phase of the search.

The qualities of honesty, high ethical and moral standards and integrity were numbers one and two on both the Board’s profile and survey results. 

A strong work ethic, good communication skills and the ability to work well with the Board were among the other qualities in both the surveys and Board profile.

The Board whittled the pool down to six on Saturday, though Addis pointed out that none of the 42 applicants have been eliminated at this point.

“They may interview those first six then ask to interview others as well,” he said.

Of the 42, Self said, there were a few Lumpkin County applicants. There were also several from out of state, but the majority were from the state of Georgia.

Self said he expects to begin the first round of interviews in two weeks. 

The Board will then review information collected during the interviews and determine the next steps of the search.

Self is hoping to narrow the field to three top candidates to go through a second round of interviews.

“I anticipate being able to make a decision by early or mid-February,” he said.

Because of both statute and professional standards, early stage interviews and the identities of those interviewed will be kept confidential by the Board until three or fewer finalists are identified, Addis said.

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