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We know the title of this magazine may seem out of place in 2019. Because one thing’s for certain, there’s not much unwinding going on these days. From our constant cable news to the frequent beeps of the email inbox to the ever-present glow of our smart phones, we’re usually so busy trying to catch up that we forget something much more important: How to relax. We’ll we aim to change that. And we aim to start now.

The good thing is the North Georgia mountains are a pretty great place to start. And the following 60 pages are exactly about slowing down and savoring the enjoyable things in life. From the cool breeze coming off Wolf Mountain’s vineyard to the heady foam of a freshly poured craft brew at Whistle Top to the soothing cluck of freerange hens at LoganBerry Heritage Farms, this magazine is a how-to guide for unwinding. It’s also about a movement. People are getting fed up with fakeness. They’re longing for authenticity. So the folks featured in this magazine took matters into their own hands.

There’s Jabe Hilson, who left his job as a graphic designer to pursue the art of wine making. There’s chef Chris Bolton and his wife Laura Farrelly, who brazenly bypass the frozen food section and craft culinary creations that come straight from the farm. There’s craft beer barons John Cochran and Spike Buckowski who created the Terrapin enterprise out of one special brew. There’s Dietrich Hoecht who made the unlikely jump from engineer to metalwork artist. And that’s just the start.

Each of the stories in this magazine is about a person who took the time to hone a craft and create something real and tangible. And they’ve invited you to be a part of it. Some come join them. And while you’re at it, feel free to sign off, log out, power down and then…Unwind. It’s easier than you think.

Cheers, Matt


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