• This photograph was taken between the time a large plush bear was donated to the Toys for Tots collection box outside Jukebox Cafe and when it was stolen later.

Teddy bear burglary baffles business owner

“Everyone was so excited about that bear, and then poof, gone.” ---Jukebox Cafe owner Bridget Kahn

The Grinch stole Christmas at Jukebox Cafe on Saturday. 

Or rather, the Grinch stole a generous Christmas donation in the form a giant stuffed teddy bear.

In a crime Ebenezer Scrooge would approve of, an oversized plush toy was plucked from the Toys for Tots bin in front of the downtown eatery sometime between 9 and 9:30 p.m.

Owner Bridget Kahn was shocked by the bahhumbug-ness of it all.

“Everyone was so excited about that bear,” she said. “And then poof gone.”

The bear-napping occurred several hours after the Christmas parade, while the restaurant was bustling.

“We were swamped at that time,” said Kahn. 

The new business owner said she doesn’t plan to involve the authorities on this one. But she’s hoping the bear burglar will have a change of heart and return the gift.

“No questions asked,” Kahn said. “It could be given to some little boy or girl on Christmas morning.”

The bear theft was a sour note to an otherwise festive weekend as the Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office reported no major incidents at the well-attended event.

“We didn’t have any issues during the parade,” said Investigator Chris Pfrogner. “It all went smoothly.’

For bear replacement suggestions, and other local giving opportunities, see this week’s editorial on Page 4.

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