• Key Club Officers proudly install the first of two new Free Little Libraries in Dahlonega. This one is in Hancock Park and their next one will be in Yahoola Creek Park. Pictured (from left) Don Brock, Bella Brock, Anna Cronan, Avery Miller and Faith Schofield.

-Students enhancing learning through community projects

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that our teachers in Lumpkin County are encouraged to think outside of the box, commended for innovative lessons, and recognized for student growth that occurs on more than just a state assessment. 

Our social media feeds are continually highlighting these teachers and classrooms.

In addition to what teachers are exploring with students in coordination with the Georgia Standards of Excellence (the state standards that every grade level, every subject, every course in Lumpkin County follows to ensure students are learning the same things their counterparts are learning across the state), we have students exploring and experiencing the benefits of giving back to their schools and their community.

Community service is something many high school students experience upon joining any number of clubs and organizations.  

We have Boy Scouts of America in Lumpkin County, and those guys (and girls) work for years and years to complete the ultimate goal of Eagle Scout with a culminating community service project.  

In fact, two of our elementary schools are the recipients of two different Eagle Scout projects.

Kiwanis Club of Dahlonega/Lumpkin County recently chartered a new Key Club (the high school version of Kiwanis), and those students have installed a Little Library in Hancock Park and are in the process of installing one in Yahoola Creek Park.  

Key Club Advisor Cindy Hunsinger said, “Key Club’s focus is on community service, specifically benefiting the youth in a community. Our Key Club officers worked many hours building, painting, getting city and county approval, and installing the Little Libraries.  It is pretty incredible to watch young people take so much pride in a project that benefits others, and we are excited to offer these new resources in Dahlonega and Lumpkin County.”

We could highlight a different project every week on how students in our school system are learning through service to others.  

We have entire classes at the high school level whose only goal is to complete a service project by the end of the school year (think Habitat for Humanity house built from ground up by construction classes and students).  

Just last month, The Nugget highlighted a service project for Sleep in Heavenly Peace funded, completed, and installed by Summit Academy administrator Libby Bicknell, her teachers, and their students.  

There are many more stories each and every week that we proudly highlight on Facebook (@lumpkincountyschools), Instagram (@lumpkincountyschools) and Twitter (@lumpkinschools).

In Lumpkin County, we understand that educating the whole child is our job, and that job isn’t accomplished inside the confines of a traditional classroom setting.  

Do we still have district and state assessments that measure traditional learning, understanding, and mastery?  Yes, of course we do.  

But, we get much more excited by what our students are doing outside of that traditional classroom in our schools, community, and society, and we continue to expand on this type of learning across all five of our schools in Lumpkin County.

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