• Pictured (back row, from left) Deputy Chief David McWhorter, David Zunker, Gina Coopersmith, EMS Director/Fire Chief David Wimpy, Ken Akins, Brian Noel, Brian O’Rourke and Daniel Morris, (front row) Frank Youngblood, Tammy Clower and Denise Roberson.

New life-saving device in use by Lumpkin EMS

“[It] frees up a set of hands to provide other strategies to save lives.” --- David Zunker, Chamber Tourism Director

Lumpkin County Emergency Services unveiled the newest piece of lifesaving equipment, the Lucas Device, to add to the department, thanks to funding from Leadership Lumpkin Class of 2016. 

The Lucas Device is an automated CPR machine that performs the lifesaving task, allowing for emergency responders to freely administer other lifesaving techniques at the same time. 

“[It] frees up a set of hands to provide other strategies to save lives,” said David Zunker, Tourism Director for Dahlonega - Lumpkin County Chamber and Visitors Bureau.

Leadership Lumpkin raised money for the device after sponsoring many fundraisers including a Polar Plunge, sponsor race and a night at Chick Fil A, Zunker said. 

They also applied for grant applications and received some private donations, he said.



Chief David Wimpy explained just how important the device is when it comes to the safety of emergency responders and patients. 

“[It’s a] great thing for the community,” Wimpy said. 

The bumps and curves of Lumpkin County caused safety issues for emergency responders who were performing CPR in the ambulance, as well as concerns for patients receiving the CPR amongst the rocky terrain, Wimpy said. 

“[The Lucas Device] is like another person,” Wimpy said. These safety concerns are minimized with the Lucas Device because it performs “perfect CPR,” Wimpy said. “[The machine uses] the same rhythm every time,” Wimpy said.



The Lucas Device provides continuous CPR, only stopping when emergency responders manually turn it off, Wimpy said. 

To ensure lifesaving services to everyone, the device automatically fits to each individual person, spanning from children to adults. 

In addition, the device is battery operated and can be charged on the ambulance, He added. 



“[This is a] once in a lifetime thing,” Wimpy said with a grin as he explained what getting the device means to the department. 

Wimpy extended his gratitude to Leadership Lumpkin for all they did in making it possible to obtain the Lucas Device. 

“I can’t thank [Leadership Lumpkin] enough,” Wimpy said. “It’s a great thing and we are just tickled to death.” 

With the Lucas Device being like member number 12 on the department, emergency responders look forward to continue saving countless lives by embracing this groundbreaking, 21st Century technology.

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