Gooch rules out run for new office


"Family" won out over the chance at a chance to run for the Georgia Lt. Gov. spot for 51st District Sen. Steve Gooch.

“I have had a lot of encouragement from family, friends and business leaders from all over Georgia and while I am humbled by all the positive support, I feel my time and energy for the next few years needs to be on Samuel, Seth and Sawyer. It requires a lot of time to run a statewide race,” said the four-term senator.

“Steve representing eight counties in North Georgia already takes a big toll on our family,” said Gooch’s wife, Shannon. “Our three boys won’t be young and with us long, and with Sam starting high school this year that is more evident to us now than ever. The most important job we have right now is to be parents to our boys.”

Sam, 14; Seth, 10; and Sawyer, 9 are all involved in soccer, which, their dad said, “… takes up a lot of weekends. Tournaments are held all over North Georgia.”

Gooch commutes from home to Atlanta during the session, despite traffic.

“Rush hour traffic is terrible and it can take up to two hours to get to the capitol,” he said. “I stay in Atlanta some when I have late dinners or we are in session until later in the day.”

He also returns home for meetings or other activities that require his presence during the session, he said.

While Gooch will not be campaigning for lieutenant governor, he will be spending time campaigning for governor—on behalf of his friend and fellow colleague Casey Cagle. 

“I know all four of the candidates running for governor and while I believe they are all good men, I feel confident that Cagle will be the best choice for the voters of Georgia  to be the next Governor," Gooch said.

Gooch does intend to run in 2018 for the seat he now occupies. 

“I look forward to continuing to serve in the State Senate if the voters of the 51st District will choose me again next,” he said.

"I look forward to seeing what God has planned for Steve,” Shannon added.

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