• Georgia resident Bill Glass is walking 600 miles from Georgia to Washington D.C. to raise awareness for Alzheimer's. Glass hopes to speak with President Trump on the problems being faced in the Alzheimer's community.

Georgia man to trek 600 miles for Alzheimer’s awareness

A Georgia man has embarked on a 600 mile mission, searching for some answers. 

Bill Glass of Roswell, is walking from Georgia to Washington D.C., with the intentions of talking to President Trump about Alzheimer’s disease and the problems the Alzheimer’s community are fighting.

“The mission is to talk to talk to Mr. Trump about a lot of the problems that we have with our long term care facilities and with trying to find this ‘magic pill’ that could possibly not be out there,” Glass said. “It’s possible that Alzheimer’s may not be a disease all together. We need to provide more research funding into alternatives, if there is an alternative out there.”

After leaving on Wednesday, July 5, Glass looks to make the trek in 30 days, which means averaging around 20 miles a day. His journey took him through Dahlonega on Friday, July 7, stopping by Walmart to get some snacks for the road, and talk about the cause. He has since trekked all the way to Lexington, N.C. 

“I’m taking all back roads, talking to as many people as that listen to me,” Glass said. “I hope to raise awareness, not only for Alzheimer’s but for the caregivers, the unsung heroes of this disease, so they receive the proper tools and support that they need to do their job correctly.”

The cause hits home for Glass, as his mother is battling Alzheimer’s disease. She provides both an inspiration for doing the walk, but also the inspiration to hurry back.

“This is such an urgent malady that’s hitting America, so I want to get there as fast as possible,” Glass said. “Plus I want to get back and see my mom. She has Alzheimer’s.”

To save time, Glass is traveling light, embracing minimal preparation as a look into the life of having Alzheimer’s.

“I threw this together in about a week and a half,” Glass said, “because how long does mom or dad, grandma or grandpa have to prepare for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s? They don’t have time, they don’t get to prepare.”

His pack includes just one change of clothes, and the snacks he picks up along the way. Glass admits he didn’t anticipate the storms Mother Nature threw at him early in his journey, but plans to carry on nonetheless.

“When I left out Wednesday morning, I wasn’t prepared for as much rain as we are receiving,” Glass said. “But people with Alzheimer’s, they still have Alzheimer’s when it’s raining, so I’m going to keep on walking when it’s raining.”

Rain or shine, Glass is committed to doing his part for the Alzheimer’s community, and he hopes President Trump is willing to do the same.

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