LCHS guidelines for returning to practice

  • LCHS guidelines for returning to practice
    LCHS guidelines for returning to practice

To athletes and parents—We are excited to be able to have you back on campus for voluntary athletic conditioning starting June 8, 2020. Specific times, dates, and locations will be dependent upon your sport and how your coach decides it is best to handle these workouts given the restrictions. Before coming to campus, we wanted to make you aware of the changes that have to be made. As most of us have learned over the last few months, the guidelines and recommendations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and reopening are ever-changing. Please continue to be flexible with us as we begin these workouts.

These workouts will look very different from the past. The workouts will be closed to visitors and any unnecessary parties. During this phase, no balls or sport-specific equipment can be used during workouts. This will affect each sport in different ways. There will only be 20 people, including coaches, allowed on campus per sport. Each group will have scheduled times for their workouts, and there will be at least 15 minutes scheduled between groups to allow for cleaning of the facility. We ask that athletes remain in the car until their designated time slot upon arrival, and we ask that parents are prompt with their child’s pick-up time to prevent congregating in between sessions. Athletes that will be driving themselves are to leave the campus immediately upon completion of their workout.

Upon arriving on campus daily, the athlete will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms and previous exposure. This includes a series of questions and a non-contact, forehead temperature reading. In consideration of everyone’s health and safety, please be honest in answering these questions. If they were to fail the first temperature reading, they will be given 10 to 15 minutes to relax in a shaded area before having their temperature retaken. If the second temperature is still unacceptable, the athlete will be asked to seek medical clearance from a physician. Please keep in mind that exercising or taking supplements (i.e., pre-workout, thermogenic, etc.) prior to screening could increase body temperature. There will be no exceptions for a failed temperature screening without a physician’s note.

During this phase of returning to athletics, there will be no access to locker rooms or showering facilities. Athletes should be dressed for the workout when you arrive. Once the workout ends, they should return home and shower immediately. In addition, we are not able to use water coolers or water fountains. Each athlete should bring their own water for conditioning. Please be considerate of the length of the workout for the specific sport and plan accordingly for refills of a water bottle. We are recommending at least one gallon of water for proper hydration.  If a student fails to bring water, they will be asked to leave the facility and not be allowed to participate in that day's activities.  In addition, face masks or cloth coverings are not required, but they will be allowed for anyone who prefers to bring and wear them.

If your child has a pre-existing condition, please be aware that it makes them high risk for COVID-19. If you have one of the at-risk conditions, please let the Athletic Trainer or Nurse know immediately.

We appreciate you allowing your child to participate in conditioning. We believe it will benefit their overall well-being as we continue to move forward. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your child’s coach.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support,

Billy Kirk—LCHS Principal
Nicky Jenkins—LCHS Athletic Director
Erin Wright—Certified Athletic Trainer/North Georgia Physicians Group